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Whether thinking about early or semi retirement, or wanting to stop working as soon as possible, taking the first step can be the hardest. The pressures of running a business can put a squeeze on the amount of time available to plan for the future.

Our aim is to help owners become financially independent of their business. To achieve this, you need the benefit of a well considered personal and financial plan.

Sounding board

Broaching the subject of retirement or the sale of your business with those having an emotional or vested interest in its continuation can be hard. Trying to plan ahead while still keeping others motivated can be a difficult process.

Over the years we have spent thousands of hours talking to business owners about their challenges. This has given us the experience and knowledge to be able to provide constructive support if you need a sounding board or confidant. Creating an environment in which you will feel able to articulate your thoughts and concerns, as well as your intentions, is a key element of the service we offer you.

Tax efficiency

Planning early for your tax efficient exit or pension provision is critical. It can save you, your partners and family not only tax, but the worry of any disputes that may arise. Careful thought and advice can provide a clear route to exit.

KMD Private Wealth Management  Tax efficiency

KMD Private Wealth Management - Business continuity on premature death

Business continuity on PREMATURE death

Another consideration is the impact of a business owner’s premature death. Without careful planning, your sudden demise will inevitably leave your beneficiaries and business partners with ownership, valuation and operational challenges.

We help structure agreements that can help mitigate any potential conflict that could arise between the beneficiaries of your Will and your business partners. In the case of a family business, detailed plans can remove the extra stress that succession frequently causes between family members.


It is important to ensure that you and your dependents are protected if you become ill as it has the potential to impact on your business. There are several different insurance routes available and we can advise on putting appropriate cover in place.

Cash management

Cash deposits within corporate balance sheets can be one of those assets put to one side to ‘manage tomorrow’. Often sitting in low interest bank accounts, they are likely to be earning less than inflation. Whatever the scenario, it makes sense to maximise returns, taking into account any relevant operational needs and possible access requirements.

KMD Private Wealth Management - cash management

Taking the first step

Talking through your challenges with an experienced senior planner can be a highly valuable first step in helping you move to the next stage in your life.

  • Do you have an exit or succession strategy for your business?
  • Do you want a gradual exit from your business as you hand over the reins to the next generation?
  • Are you looking to make your cash deposits work harder for you?

Whatever the scenario, we are able to provide you with advice and guidance.

“My wife and I wanted to stop working before we were 60 but lacked the financial confidence to take such a big step. We were looking at how to get our finances in the best possible shape to permit early retirement, but couldn’t put a figure on what we needed to be comfortable in the future. Kevin made it possible for us to get a clearer picture. He showed us how by adjusting our pension income requirements to demonstrate that we could afford to retire when we wanted. So you could say we got our ‘retirement confidence’ from him”