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Whether compounded over many generations or created in recent years, most people want to protect their wealth.
That is why we give equal importance to wealth preservation as we do to investment growth.

Investment Advice is a core part of our Wealth Management services. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your money is in good hands.

They are supported by our Investment Committee who bring additional knowledge and insight gained over decades of investment and financial services experience.


We research and monitor the markets to ensure exposures are relevant and opportunities acted upon. Macro views are explored taking into account global economies, country specific exposures and market sectors.

Analysing the universe of funds in which to invest is a considerable undertaking given the magnitude of available investments. We analyse and research each fund in detail before investing. This includes meeting the manager and conducting in-depth analysis in respect of relative returns versus both the market and sector in which they operate. Costs are scrutinised as expensive fees without the requisite returns can have a significant drag on performance over the long term. We are always mindful of the cost of investing.


The largest single driver of returns, by far, is where investments are allocated. Market timing and stock selection play a far smaller part in the level of returns.

We analyse each sector and geographic areas to determine the optimum allocation of all investments. Changes are considered not only on a real time basis, but via Investment Committee meetings where our 10 year macro views are overlaid with shorter term opportunistic asset allocation.

RISK Management

We place equal importance on wealth preservation as we do on growth through investment returns. With this is mind, we manage the risks and returns that are relevant to you.


We offer a range of portfolios with differing characteristics tailored according to your risk assessment. These range from defensive to aggressive, including Ethical.


Our highly experienced Investment Committee meets quarterly. Members look at market trends and many other factors that may impact on investment performance.


Please speak to us if you have been alerted to an investment opportunity that sounds ‘too good to be true’. We are happy to provide our initial feedback on its apparent merits.

Should you wish to receive a more comprehensive analysis of the investment in the context of your current risk assessment and portfolio, we can then address that as a separate project.