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why us



Getting to know our clients and understanding what is important to them is the cornerstone of what we do. Building close long-term relationships can involve family members, key influencers and professional advisers. This helps us understand the ‘whole picture’, plan effectively and deliver the financial clarity clients seek.


KMD True Wealth Management provides the framework for our planning and advice. It has three core elements:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Led by highly qualified, experienced Chartered Planners
  • Team based approach ensures that expert in-house knowledge is maximised
  • Production of highly detailed and unique cashflow modelling & financial programmes
  • Our independence and Chartered status ensures unbiased research & advice

How these factors benefit you:

As our client, you are at the heart of our collaborative, expert process. We are confident that the comprehensive advice and detailed illustrative material we present will provide reassurance and financial clarity for your life.

Investment Advice

  • We advocate taking a long-term approach to investing
  • Wealth preservation & growth are of equal importance
  • Personal client portfolios are based on individual risk profile & objectives
  • Highly experienced Investment Committee oversight

How these factors benefit you:

Careful, considered recommendations are made on the basis of well researched data. This is underpinned by consultation amongst a team of highly experienced internal & external investment specialists. Investments are integrated within your financial plan to keep you on track and tax efficient.

Management of Key Relationships

  • Relationship building with family members
  • Support & mediation around responsibilities associated with inheriting wealth & inter-generational planning
  • Liaison with professional advisers including lawyers, accountants, executors & trustees
  • Promotion of joined up thinking

How these factors benefit you:

We communicate with and involve those individuals who have an important role to play in your financial affairs. As a result, you are the focal point for a unified team of professionals who work together to help you and your family achieve your aims.


Dedicated senior planner

Creating financial clarity comes from understanding what is important to you and identifying your ambitions, challenges and needs.

You are supported by a dedicated, highly qualified and experienced senior adviser. As your trusted collaborative partner, they work with you and your family over the long-term.

Team approach

Having obtained a full status overview of your financial affairs, we take a team approach to the development of financial solutions. In practice this means your senior adviser calls on the expertise of our highly qualified specialists.

Together they hold dedicated internal meetings to discuss and formulate your personal financial strategy before it is presented to you.

Unique Modelling & Planning

Following our analysis, we create a detailed personal financial plan tailored to your circumstances. This brings your finances and future plans to life in graphical form.

We model your personal cashflow and project how your finances may be used in the future. This enables you to review your current position and reflect on your intentions.

However complex the situation, a personalised financial plan can promote increased confidence. Helping with decision making, goal setting and the achievement of financial clarity.


Life never stands still, so regular reviews and meetings are an important part of our relationship with you. The frequency, nature and extent of these services will depend on the complexity of your situation and personal preferences. Our aim is to ensure that your financial strategy stays on track and adapts to changes in tax legislation as well as any new personal circumstances.

Our fee structure is transparent, straightforward and always agreed in advance.


Clients frequently have complex financial arrangements so our staff to client ratio is high. This reflects the importance we place on:

  • utilising the knowledge of highly qualified & experienced team members
  • providing comprehensive financial advice & plans
  • delivering exemplary service

Being independent, we subscribe to the view that it is our duty to only recommend the most appropriate strategy and financial providers for your needs.


KMD team members work together according to a set of Core Values. These are PRACTI>CL and reflect our commitment to ensuring that clients remain our priority:


Living the values
  • P

  • R

  • A

  • C

  • T

  • I

  • >CL



Our independence and Chartered status is greatly valued by clients. We have no outside shareholders and no formal ties to product providers or external interests. This means we have access to the whole market of financial products and remain completely unbiased in all research and advice.