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Financial clarity for life

We provide a different kind of wealth management.

One where the focus is on you, not how much money you have to invest. We take the time to get to know you and understand what is really important. Your ambitions, challenges and needs take centre stage so we can help you attain financial clarity for life. What we do is personal, in depth and long-term.

Welcome to True Wealth Management.

KMD Private Wealth Management - Family wealth specialists

KMD Core Values
reflect our focus
on client service


Looking after you & your family

KMD is an independent, Chartered private wealth management firm with offices in Cambridge, London and Stansted.

As our client, you are supported by a dedicated team and a highly qualified and experienced senior adviser. They assume the role of your collaborative financial partner. Guiding, advising and working with you over the long-term. Building a relationship that permits both openness and debate.

We support individuals, families and business owners. By also working closely with your lawyers, accountants and any special advisers, we deliver joined up thinking. This ensures the most appropriate and informed financial plans and solutions.

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