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To reflect these unprecedented times and anticipate a potential need for financial reassurance around wealth and future plans, we are extending assistance to anyone with wealth worries. Please click to book with Kevin Deamer - selected dates during May and June.

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Having ‘that conversation’, the one where you sit the family down to discuss money, family values and your legacy, is frequently avoided. It can be uncomfortable talking about your wealth, how it was accumulated and the expectations that you wish to place on other family members.

Financial Planning for the Family

Although conversations around family finances are understandably challenging, they can be positively managed with the help of our bloodline protection programme.

Delaying the sharing of important information can put wealth at risk. It is clearly preferable to plan than be forced into discussions as a result of an unexpected event or sudden change in circumstances. Unfortunately when that happens, the opportunity to initiate the most efficient planning may well have passed.

We work with you to help get the ball rolling early. Our years of experience can make a positive contribution in bridging the communications gap and creating a framework for discussion. The involvement of one of our senior advisers can make it easier to engage key members of the family in discussions around financial issues.

FAMILY WEALTH MANAGEMENT - Financial planning for the family


Tax planning & IHT

Ensuring that all family members are using their allowances is a given. But we make sure all aspects of tax planning across the family’s assets are addressed. This can save multiple sums in tax.

Well thought out structures and plans can help mitigate Inheritance Tax. There are many tools and structures available that we can put in place. We will liaise with your lawyers and accountants so there is joined up thinking around the management of all your assets.

Bloodline protection & trusts

When and whether to pass on excess capital is often a cause of anxiety. Fears around its disappearance out of the family due to mismanagement can be an issue. Divorce arrangements, particularly if you are in a second marriage with children from the first, can cause considerable worry. There are many factors that can affect decision making resulting in holding back and retaining wealth. It can then end up being depleted through tax obligations upon death. That is why having expert advice is vital to protect your family wealth, values and legacy.

Working with other professionals, we structure trusts, bloodline protection tools and different instruments to enable you to pass on wealth without losing control. This maximises efficiency to make sure your wishes are represented both during your lifetime and within your Wills.

KMD FAMILY WEALTH MANAGEMENT - Bloodline Protection & trusts


Legacy Planning

Deciding how you would like your wealth to be looked after needs careful thought and a robust, financially efficient structure. This also applies when you decide to pass wealth down during your lifetime. Charitable foundations, family trusts and family investment companies are among the tools available to make sure that what you leave behind reflects your vision and works best for your family.


Preparing for the unexpected is an important part of family wealth management. Helping to make sure your dependents are looked after should you die prematurely or become critically ill can be achieved via several different insurance routes. It can also help mitigate Inheritance Tax.



Family Governance

Teaching the next generation the value of money and how to look after it can be a difficult and daunting task. We can facilitate meetings to help younger members of the family not only manage wealth but prepare for the inheritance that is to come. By engaging early, the risk of a sudden windfall going to their heads is greatly reduced.

We have found that inter-generational knowledge sharing can help improve relationships. It can also increase feelings of appreciation around the legacy they are taking forward.

“KMD take a holistic view of the welfare of their clients and that’s why three generations of my family are with them. The level of service and genuine and thoughtful support that we receive is of high quality and very helpful. It’s the characters of the people that make the company and at a time when good independent financial advice is becoming even more important to a growing proportion of the population, KMD are doing it the right way and doing it very well”


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