Coronavirus War

Coronavirus has certainly focused the mind on what is and isn’t important – a personal lifestyle re-set button if you like. For many of you with more pressing things to worry about than money, the only message that you’ll want to hear from KMD at this time is that – financially speaking – things will be alright in the long run. We would like to reassure you that we firmly believe this to be the case. Centuries of financial history show that stock markets always bounce back – even if they have to ‘climb a wall of worry’ to do so. It’s always a matter of time – we just can’t tell you how much time.

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Spring 2020 Budget Newsletter

The first Budget Statement of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Government has now been published – please click on this link to access our summary.

Newsletter – February 2019

As the end of the 2018/19 tax year approaches, we look at some areas that you may wish to review:

  • ISAs (Individual Savings Account)
  • Pensions,
  • VCTs (Venture Capital Trust) & EISs (Enterprise Investment Scheme)
  • CGT (Capital Gains Tax)
  • IHT (Inheritance Tax).
  • Also please see wealth management


  • KMD Private Wealth Management services are tailored to meet the needs of High Net Worth individuals and families.

    If you would like to have an initial conversation with one of our experienced chartered planners to briefly outline your current challenge/s, please call us or complete the form below. You will be under no obligation to use our services, but we hope will find the experience helpful in working through your priorities and deciding on next steps.