Glossary of terms

Bloodline Protection - Safeguarding your money for the next generation.

Cashflow Modelling - Forecasting your cash in hand via the use of graphs, charts and other visual aids that project financial position, risks and opportunities.

Chartered Financial Planner – Highly qualified financial adviser.

Due Diligence – Extremely thorough, in-depth research.

Family Wealth Management – Looking after the whole family’s finances, including more than one generation.

Financial Conduct Authority – UK financial regulator.

Financial Ombudsman Service - UK dispute/complaint resolution.

Financial Planning - Structure and clarity for your financial circumstances going forward.

HNW (High Net Worth) – An individual with substantial assets.

Inheritance Tax Planning – Tax efficient solutions to mitigate inheritance tax.

Investment Committee – Financially experienced individuals with expertise in investments.

Investment Management – The process of identifying and investing funds.

Key Relationships – Important parties eg family, lawyers, accountants.

Legacy Planning – Leaving or setting up something to continue after your death.

Personal Finance Society/Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) – Professional body for the financial industry.

PRACTI>CL - This is the name we have given to KMD Core Values. Each letter represents one aspect of the values namely:Professionalism, Responsibility, Adding Value, Creativity, Team Orientated Actions, Integrity. All of these are focused in support of >CL – this represents our Clients, who are our priority.

Professional Advisers – Highly qualified and experienced experts in their field.

Professional Connections – Other qualified professionals such as lawyers, accountants, business advisers.

Tax Planning – Identifying methods to maximise tax efficiency.

True Wealth Management - This is the KMD operational model consisting of three core elements: comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Management & the Management of Key Relationships.

UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth) - An individual with very substantial assets.

Wealth Management – The organising, investing and planning of assets and their allocation.

‘Whole Picture’ – Taking into account all aspects of a client’s assets and the impact individual investment decisions, plans and choices have on the total outcome.


  • KMD Private Wealth Management services are tailored to meet the needs of High Net Worth individuals and families.

    If you would like to have an initial conversation with one of our experienced chartered planners to briefly outline your current challenge/s, please call us or complete the form below. You will be under no obligation to use our services, but we hope will find the experience helpful in working through your priorities and deciding on next steps.